May 30, 2008

First Concert Ever

One of the best music concerts of my life was the B52's - way back in the day. 1981 to be exact. It was at the top of a parking facility at UNLV with my BFF Michelle . . . . Rock Lobster and Mosh Pits.

I still LOVE the B52's .... and my daughters get the biggest kick out of them, too! What more could a mother from the 80's ask for????
Saturn! Mercury! Jupiter! Venus! This is the Space Age! You'd better move on over - here comes a Super Nova! THIS IS THE SPACE AGE!!!!

The B52's are planning a stop in Colorado - they will be awesome at RedRocks. Me and my little, blond princesses are up for their first concert - EVER!!!!

May 29, 2008

Forget the Damn List

It was too nice to work on that list today so we went to the Zoo instead . . .

The boys were out in their full regalia . . .

Posing for his wide screen close up . . .

Ah, what do we have here? A nice little gal coming to visit. Let me show her my backside. Ruffle - fluff - shake - work it .......

Oh, she wants to take a look at the frontage color. Let me shake it for you girl! . . .
WAIT !!! Where ya' goin' baby?????

Ah, man! That was one of my better shows, too.

Ladies, wouldn't it be nice if the human world was a bit more like the bird world? I would love to see how our boys would primp and we could flutter around checking out to see who had the best nest keeping skills.

May 28, 2008

Caffeine Buzz

The Caffeine Click Test - How Caffeinated Are You?
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Ok, so if I'm "Chipper and Perky" I should be able to make a major dent in all the projects I've got my hands in - right?!?!?!?

  • Finish planting all the new plants sitting on the back porch
  • Finish staining the playhouse
  • Clean the carpet where the oldest dumped my coffee
  • Find an upholstery shop for that Craigslist couch
  • Power spray the $50.00 8x10 sisal wool rug I found this weekend
  • Gather and price items for this weekends garage sale - UGH!
  • Fix the gas fireplace that I tore apart on a whim

We'll see where I get with all this today and tomorrow.... Oh yeah, and spend some major play time with the 3 and 4 year old. That's going to the top of the list!

May 22, 2008

Texas French Inspiration

My biggest blog crush is on Cote de Texas for many reasons. Joni is classy and I LOVE her style. Her posts are so beautiful and informative. Reading her blog has inspired a HUGE change in my own decorating tastes (more on that later).

Not to mention inspired a upcoming road trip to Round Top this Fall with my mother and babies (yes, I am nuts).

Photos courteous Marburger Farms, Round Top, Texsas

I am now on a quest to redo my home as nicely and inexpensively as I possibly can. I am so grateful for all of the fabulous individuals that share their talents out in Blog Land so that I may barrow from them and attempt to make our home more aesthetically pleasing. One step at a time.

I really want this couch from Michael Smith that she posted on - Never in a million years would our household income be able to afford such a luxury so I will use it for inspiration.

Look what I found on Craigslist for $200.00!!! Seller said that he bought it new 6 years ago for $4500.00 and it's in perfect condition. Was in the formal Living Room (who sits in there????) He's getting a new wife and she wants the old wife's furniture gone.

We will be picking it up on Saturday - let's hope it's as pretty in person as it is in the picture. Might need to be whitewashed and/or reupholstery. No, it's not a real antique but it will serve it's purpose well.

May 16, 2008

Peaceful Giant

A beautiful, sleeping Giant - somewhere in the U.K. No, it's not Photoshoped. Leave to the Brits to do something fantastic with Mother Nature.

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. Supposed to be in the low 80's here so I will be out diggin' in the dirt. And working on that playhouse.

May 13, 2008

Women In Art

Saw this and got teary eyed - I really want to go back to school and finish my degree in Art History. Ahhhh, maybe when the bebe's are in school full-time.

This is a little long but so worth viewing. The music was well chosen and very calming. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy. Nice way to start your day and get those creative juices flowing. See how many of these you know who the artist is.

May 12, 2008

Use What You Have

Why, when we already have nice things, do we want new things? I have a basement full of nice things that just never made it in to the current decor of my home. It makes me ill to know that these things are gathering dust and cobwebs as we speak. They deserved to be lived in.

I bought this chair and table from Pottery Barn back in the early 90's when they first started carrying furniture - before they were such big shots.

Bummer thing is that these pieces are the EXACT same color as the maple floors that I have through out the first floor - the only place I could possible put them. They both have been in the basement since we moved in to this house. They weren't cheap by my standards at the time. If I recall the chair was over 250.00 and the table was about the same. I still love them but am clueless how to use them.

These are from Speigel Home .... back when they were big shots. These are really pretty but rather large. Remember the catalog? I would spend hours salivating over everything in it.

Had this beauty forever as well. Heavy English oak.

Tooled leather seat. Gorgeous!

I'd show you the rest of my basement but I'd be embarrassed. It's a bunch of furniture, boxes of books, and kids clothes. And yes, it is unfinished so of course it's the dumping ground for all things unwanted but not ready to be given away or sold. Sick, I tell you.

May 9, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Adoption Day 2005

Mother's Day is the Sweetest Day in the world for me. I have the two most incredible baby girls that make my life so incredible joyful. They are so much a part of my life and so much like me and my husband it's almost scary. You see, my two darling daughters are adopted. They are of my heart, not of my womb. My heart aches for them and I am so entwined in their being it seems like a fantasy at times. I would die and kill for these two babies.

My Beautiful Mother

Of course none of my life would be true if it weren't for my incredible Mother. She is the Rock in my life. The One True Thing. She is a Saint and everyone that knows her will tell you that. I can only aspire to be some semblance of her - she embodies love, patience, hope, faith, and selflessness.


May 7, 2008

It's All In The Context

Warning - potential offense ahead..............

HAD to put this out there and see what others thought.

Found this song on my one of my biggest blog crushes, Beach Bungalow 8 when she had all this cool music playing on her blog (major bummer - she has since taken all her music off!!!)

I had heard it on one of my favorite shows, Weeds on Showtime. I was ECSTATIC that I finally knew who the artist was - I could not download it from iTunes fast enough. It since has become my theme song.

And it gets played around the 3 and 4 year old. The first time I heard the little one sing the chorus we were in Target ..... My Mommy reaction was to freak out and punish. My adult reaction was it's just a song. No one was around us to hear it so I let it fly. God forbid someone think I'm an inefficient mother.

Personally I love the F word - think it's one of the best, emotional words out there. Can describe anger, frustration, elation, joy, etc. Now this does not mean I walk around saying it all the time.

So, last night at the dinner table the little one breaks out in chorus and the older one follows. Daddy FLIPS - I mean FUCKING FLIPS. Oldest was in tears other one was in melt down. I had to calmly explain to hubby that we listened to it in the jeep today on the way to get ice cream. Typical event in Toddler Land.

Now that daddy has reacted the way he did they think it is a bad word (as adults we know that it can be used in a bad context) and you can bet they will use it to get a reaction. Up to this point I have not played in to the emotional aspects of the expletives with the little ones. They are too young to "get it" and the people that they are around do not expose them to these words (except their liberal, vine swinging mom). It' was just a word to the little ones up to this point in their understanding.

Please know that doesn't mean I let them run around shouting expletives - that's is NOT ok with me. Any thoughts?

May 6, 2008

Am I Supposed To Listen All The Time?

I am so happy that I never listen to my husband. When we moved into this house 8 years ago it was brand spanking new - dirt in the front and back. All of the landscaping our responsibility. I never wanted to live in suburbia but hubby did. So the deal was that if we bought in "Beige Land" the landscaping would be 100% my decisions. One of the first things we needed to do was the hardscaping and put in trees - the flowers would come later (note to self - still need more flowers).

Our House - 1999
When we were at the Tree Farm picking out our trees I found some real beauties - Angicourt Beauty Lilac. I had never seen a more dark, deep purple lilac in my life. At least not in the Denver Metro area. I had to convince my husband to buy 7 of these - he thought I was out of my mind.

Our House - 2002 lilacs lower right

He said that we didn't need that many. He of course had no idea what he was talking about. I planted the 7 of them running down the South side of my home - by the kitchen and dinning room windows.

Our House Today - lilacs over 10 feet tall

Now when they bloom I open all the windows on that side of the house and the breeze blows the heavenly scent inside. You can't bottle that smell - only a sickly, overly sweet rendition of it.

Today I cut a few handfuls and put them in my favorite frosted/satin arts and crafts vase.

My Aunt Brenda bought it at an antiques fair for me for my birthday many, many years ago. I am often curious as to the history on this piece. I've never seen another one or any frosted glass like it.

Of course my husband has complained about every single project that I have come up with for the outside space because nothing can be "simple". I know for a fact though that he is very proud of his home - inside and out ... and even though it is in "Beige Land" I have no desire to ever move. For the record I do listen to him - more often than not. But I'll never tell him that.