May 12, 2008

Use What You Have

Why, when we already have nice things, do we want new things? I have a basement full of nice things that just never made it in to the current decor of my home. It makes me ill to know that these things are gathering dust and cobwebs as we speak. They deserved to be lived in.

I bought this chair and table from Pottery Barn back in the early 90's when they first started carrying furniture - before they were such big shots.

Bummer thing is that these pieces are the EXACT same color as the maple floors that I have through out the first floor - the only place I could possible put them. They both have been in the basement since we moved in to this house. They weren't cheap by my standards at the time. If I recall the chair was over 250.00 and the table was about the same. I still love them but am clueless how to use them.

These are from Speigel Home .... back when they were big shots. These are really pretty but rather large. Remember the catalog? I would spend hours salivating over everything in it.

Had this beauty forever as well. Heavy English oak.

Tooled leather seat. Gorgeous!

I'd show you the rest of my basement but I'd be embarrassed. It's a bunch of furniture, boxes of books, and kids clothes. And yes, it is unfinished so of course it's the dumping ground for all things unwanted but not ready to be given away or sold. Sick, I tell you.

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Autumn said...

You Sicko... LOL
Seriously, The table and chair scream front porch to me. But you probably have something there already? Beautiful things, I don't have that issue.. my house is a design disaster. LOL