May 7, 2008

It's All In The Context

Warning - potential offense ahead..............

HAD to put this out there and see what others thought.

Found this song on my one of my biggest blog crushes, Beach Bungalow 8 when she had all this cool music playing on her blog (major bummer - she has since taken all her music off!!!)

I had heard it on one of my favorite shows, Weeds on Showtime. I was ECSTATIC that I finally knew who the artist was - I could not download it from iTunes fast enough. It since has become my theme song.

And it gets played around the 3 and 4 year old. The first time I heard the little one sing the chorus we were in Target ..... My Mommy reaction was to freak out and punish. My adult reaction was it's just a song. No one was around us to hear it so I let it fly. God forbid someone think I'm an inefficient mother.

Personally I love the F word - think it's one of the best, emotional words out there. Can describe anger, frustration, elation, joy, etc. Now this does not mean I walk around saying it all the time.

So, last night at the dinner table the little one breaks out in chorus and the older one follows. Daddy FLIPS - I mean FUCKING FLIPS. Oldest was in tears other one was in melt down. I had to calmly explain to hubby that we listened to it in the jeep today on the way to get ice cream. Typical event in Toddler Land.

Now that daddy has reacted the way he did they think it is a bad word (as adults we know that it can be used in a bad context) and you can bet they will use it to get a reaction. Up to this point I have not played in to the emotional aspects of the expletives with the little ones. They are too young to "get it" and the people that they are around do not expose them to these words (except their liberal, vine swinging mom). It' was just a word to the little ones up to this point in their understanding.

Please know that doesn't mean I let them run around shouting expletives - that's is NOT ok with me. Any thoughts?


Lorelei said...

Hmmm, Not really any advice since I don't have kids. But I can say, I love WEEDS! I can't wait for it to come back on after hiatus!
All i can say is, it will probably get worse as they get older!

Autumn said...

This is so timely for me. I almost used the Fuck word on my blog the other day. Actually I did but for some reason I changed the word to read f*ck.. as if that would make it better.
I think I would probably get upset if Bug said it. Not for myself but for everyone around me. I think if it's used too much it can make a person sound less intelligent. Although I think it can be useful when you are really trying to make a point... so really show the frustration.
Daycare has my son believing that stupid is a bad word... he is always correcting me.... stupid fucking daycare. ;) lol
Oh and Weeds is the bomb! I love their theme song too.