May 22, 2008

Texas French Inspiration

My biggest blog crush is on Cote de Texas for many reasons. Joni is classy and I LOVE her style. Her posts are so beautiful and informative. Reading her blog has inspired a HUGE change in my own decorating tastes (more on that later).

Not to mention inspired a upcoming road trip to Round Top this Fall with my mother and babies (yes, I am nuts).

Photos courteous Marburger Farms, Round Top, Texsas

I am now on a quest to redo my home as nicely and inexpensively as I possibly can. I am so grateful for all of the fabulous individuals that share their talents out in Blog Land so that I may barrow from them and attempt to make our home more aesthetically pleasing. One step at a time.

I really want this couch from Michael Smith that she posted on - Never in a million years would our household income be able to afford such a luxury so I will use it for inspiration.

Look what I found on Craigslist for $200.00!!! Seller said that he bought it new 6 years ago for $4500.00 and it's in perfect condition. Was in the formal Living Room (who sits in there????) He's getting a new wife and she wants the old wife's furniture gone.

We will be picking it up on Saturday - let's hope it's as pretty in person as it is in the picture. Might need to be whitewashed and/or reupholstery. No, it's not a real antique but it will serve it's purpose well.


Lorelei said...

WOW! What a great deal!! I think that couch is fantastic. Very cool and it looks to be in great shape! LUCKY!
Going to check out this blog you speak of....

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

You will have a blast at the Texas shows. Hope you make it out. If so, let me know I'd love to meet you. I'm at Zapp Hall, a few miles down the road from Marburger.

Taddie Tales said...

I am SO there - already sent my check for lodging - will be there the 30th-03rd. CANT WAIT!!!!!

Cote de Texas said...

Hi - wow!!!!!!! I just am getting around to reading emails from last week - had a busy week --- and saw this - SO SWEET!!!! I'm humbled and honored. Thanks so much for the shout out. YOu will love Round Top, it's the best. And i adore the new sofa - looks great.

Thanks again SOOOOOOOO much!!!!