May 6, 2008

Am I Supposed To Listen All The Time?

I am so happy that I never listen to my husband. When we moved into this house 8 years ago it was brand spanking new - dirt in the front and back. All of the landscaping our responsibility. I never wanted to live in suburbia but hubby did. So the deal was that if we bought in "Beige Land" the landscaping would be 100% my decisions. One of the first things we needed to do was the hardscaping and put in trees - the flowers would come later (note to self - still need more flowers).

Our House - 1999
When we were at the Tree Farm picking out our trees I found some real beauties - Angicourt Beauty Lilac. I had never seen a more dark, deep purple lilac in my life. At least not in the Denver Metro area. I had to convince my husband to buy 7 of these - he thought I was out of my mind.

Our House - 2002 lilacs lower right

He said that we didn't need that many. He of course had no idea what he was talking about. I planted the 7 of them running down the South side of my home - by the kitchen and dinning room windows.

Our House Today - lilacs over 10 feet tall

Now when they bloom I open all the windows on that side of the house and the breeze blows the heavenly scent inside. You can't bottle that smell - only a sickly, overly sweet rendition of it.

Today I cut a few handfuls and put them in my favorite frosted/satin arts and crafts vase.

My Aunt Brenda bought it at an antiques fair for me for my birthday many, many years ago. I am often curious as to the history on this piece. I've never seen another one or any frosted glass like it.

Of course my husband has complained about every single project that I have come up with for the outside space because nothing can be "simple". I know for a fact though that he is very proud of his home - inside and out ... and even though it is in "Beige Land" I have no desire to ever move. For the record I do listen to him - more often than not. But I'll never tell him that.


Lorelei said...

I can smell them right through the computer screen! sweet.
So sad too, We just moved into our new house and left behind 4 beautifully mature Lilac trees at our old house that we planted! :(
Time to plant new ones I guess! It just takes so darn long for them to bloom!

Autumn said...

Yay for not listening! I don't even ask for my husbands input on the garden any more. He always thought my ideas were to complex. I just go do it now! If only I could put in a pond by myself... sigh.
Lilacs are one of my favorites, but mine are not quite blooming. I have two dark purple, one light purple and one white.