May 30, 2008

First Concert Ever

One of the best music concerts of my life was the B52's - way back in the day. 1981 to be exact. It was at the top of a parking facility at UNLV with my BFF Michelle . . . . Rock Lobster and Mosh Pits.

I still LOVE the B52's .... and my daughters get the biggest kick out of them, too! What more could a mother from the 80's ask for????
Saturn! Mercury! Jupiter! Venus! This is the Space Age! You'd better move on over - here comes a Super Nova! THIS IS THE SPACE AGE!!!!

The B52's are planning a stop in Colorado - they will be awesome at RedRocks. Me and my little, blond princesses are up for their first concert - EVER!!!!


Michelle said...

i remember! we were little kids then. lol

love you lin,

Taddie Tales said...

Aww, Love you to Mich!!!