Jul 10, 2008


. . . . . is a hard time to blog ......

Youngest one gazing at a "rave light" on the 4th of July.

Glimpse of the Summer space in our back yard.

We literally live back here in the Spring and Summer.

One of my many groupings of pots ... one of the few ways to get continuous color in Colorado in the 95 degree heat.

This is one of my favorites that I did this year - hopefully carries into the Fall.

These beauties were planted by the two beauties below in one of their Seedlings class at the Denver Botanical Gardens a few weeks ago. This is a BIG deal - I've never even planted tomatoes.

Ah, Summertime ........ feels like we've waited forever for you. Least we forget this ....

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Autumn said...

Oh girl, don't I know how hard it is to blog during the Summer. I'm struggling to get one or two posts a week.
Can I just say, your backyard is gorgeous! I would love to have a covered space like that. I wish my tomatoes were doing as well as yours, I went out yesterday to find that something has been chewing on everything in my garden during the night.. :( Boohoo!