Jul 11, 2008

Design Inspiration

Sitting out on the patio having a cold one, reading today's mail ... I KNOW all you design freaks out there read this mag. As do I.

There was an article featuring a beautiful, modern designed dining room for under $2000.00. My kind of budget!!! Love the credenza and chairs. Wait, what's that beauty on the wall?

OMG - that is a stencil! Actually some of the Chinoiserie Panels from The Stencil Library no less. HA! And you thought that stencils were those tacky things that you bought at a hobby shop and looked like this ....

(sorry - still got a little of that punk rocker in me)

Boy were you wrong!!!! Stencils have a come a LONG way baby!

Anywho - I got so excited because this design is the same one that was used in this post that Helen over at design inspiration created with Swarovski Crystals.

Helen is co-owner of The Stencil Library and her blog is one of my daily reads. She has the most incredible talent - check out her beautiful house that she has so graciously covered in - you guessed it - stencils. Helen is so very sweet and talented. I have had a few blog words with her and just know that if I lived a little closer to her I would beg her to have tea with me and teach me her secrets!


carol said...

A long time fan of Helen's blog and the Stencil Library designs, I am always in awe of Helen (and Rachel's) creativity!

Taddie Tales said...

Carol - your blog is pretty awesome too! I LOVE those sea theme cabinets. I wish I could find the time to do my faux like I used to.

Thanks so much for visiting.