Jul 2, 2008

My Furry Children

Cats have always been in my life - my mother had them all her life - and so did her mother, my grandmother. When it came time to adopt new furry angels a few years ago I turned to the Boulder Humane Society. Here are my "kids" mug shots while they were in their holding cells.

I fell in love with this little calico girl , Isabella.

And had to have her apricot brother, Nicholas.

This was taken in my bathroom about a month after they came to live with us. They like to get on the counter and beg for you to turn the water on so that they can have a drink. Ditto on the bathtub. Have yet to turn them on to the shower. Hmmmm...

Here is Isabella's latest photos. I just LOVE the "bunny" fur that her and her brother both have on their chest - is it so incredibly soft and they take such good care of themselves. Isabella is quite the princess - she is definitely a mama's girl. She has taught me a lot - most importantly about asthma. She was diagnosed with asthma a few Summers ago and spent some time in the hospital. When my youngest daughter came along we discovered she has pretty severe asthma as well. I was prepared and knowledgeable to deal with it. Amazing how things happen.

Nicholas is quite the clown. He is a big, slow, lover cat. Not the sharpest tack in the box if you know what I mean. But he will great you and beg for attention the minute you walk in the door.
He's my talker. When he wants to eat the whole house knows it. Whether or not anyone pays attention is an altogether different story. Poor guy.
This post is to share a little bit more about me and my family but mostly to share with Grahamn Kracker.

I found his blog about a month ago and fell in love. This is a guys that takes really great photos of our little feline friends from all over. His stories about a magazine store in Bangladesh that has house cats got me hooked. He has been out of commission on the cats because of a small little mishap. But until then his story skills will have my attention. If you are a cat lover you MUST check out his blog - allow some time and read it all. Make sure and leave him a note and tell him not to push himself on the road recovery. We'll all be here.


Grahamn Kracker said...

Thank you, Taddie, for sharing the pix and stories of Isabella and Nicholas. You made my day. And your words to your friends doubly made it.

Tryskuit has asthma, too, so I can relate a bit there.

Went to the doc in Anchorage today and I have no energy left for a post, so I will be quiet tonight.

Autumn said...

Your kitties are so cute! Their mug shots are so sad, how lucky that they came to live with you. My husband is very allergic to cats so we can't have one, Bug asks for one at least once a week though.. and them laments the fact that daddy is allergic.