Jun 30, 2008

This bed is one of the most beautiful beds I've ever seen. Can you imagine curling up on this beauty? You would most definitely have to have a large bedroom to put it in. If this found its way to my front door I certainly would be squealing like a little girl and FIND A WAY to make it fit. Blow the roof off the master bedroom .....

Then of course I'd have to replace the railing on the stairs with this beauty.

And while I'm at it - the firescreen in the family room.

Best of all I'd have to bulldoze the neighbor's houses to create a garden to showcase this baby. Don't get me wrong - I love my neighbors. This is for art's sake after all!!!!

All of these incredible pieces of art were created by Shawn Lovell from Oakland, CA. Check out her gallery - this girl knows her metal!


Autumn said...

Dang! I need that bed, that is so cool. I love it all.. but there's no way hubby would go for it. Oh and yes, I was working with a lot of hammering over my head.. it made for some embarrassing moments on conference calls. lol

linda said...

What a talent Shawn has...all of the pieces are just beautiful!!

Grahamn Kracker said...

Taddie, I think that you should have your friend install the robin arch in my backyard. There is plenty of room, so no one's house would have to be bull-dozed.

The Kracker Cats would love it - they would just love it!

And in the midst of winter, we Krackers could look out at those robins and be reminded that the sun will indeed return in its full splendor and that the ravens of winter will once again be joined by the robins of summer.


Taddie Tales said...

Well hello Mr Kraker!

Thank you for visiting my little blog .... You build it and they will come. Jeeze, maybe even me. I would LOVE to see Alaska.