Jul 15, 2008

July Bloom Day

Carol over at the award wining May Dreams Gardens has this awesome little thing goin' called Garden Bloggers Bloom Day on the 15th of every month. You make a post on what is growing in your garden and leave a comment on her blog with a link back to your post.

Now this is not a garden blog but I am definitely a gardener (still not sure what kind of blog it 'tis). It is one of the top 3 passions in my life outside of the passion I have for my family. This is just a few of what I've currently got out in the back 10. Ha - I wish!!! Try 20 feet.

Gloriosa Daisy
Calibrachoa Superbells
.Lilium American West
Yes this was taken inside - only because it's grown so tall it's bending over. My first ornipet so I am still learning how to make this beauty strong. It is my favorite plant in the garden right now. It smells like HEAVEN!
.Colorful Buckets 'O Water
.Pinwheels Extraordinaire
Gosh I love Summer!!!!!


Carol said...

I love those pinwheels, they don't require much water, do they? I don't believe we've seen too many blooms from Colorado this bloom day, so this is a nice treat!

Thanks for joining in!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Autumn said...

I love the lilly. Sad story with those at my house. I have the gorgeous white ones, the deer have eaten the tops right off! I didn't get to see them bloom this year at all! I used to like wildlife, LOL. This is a great idea, if I remember next month on the fifteenth I'll have to post some garden pics on my blog.