Jun 3, 2008

Craigslist and Manners

Craigslist is the next best thing to sliced bread in my opinion. Good way to buy decent used furniture without having to drive all over the place - even tho I do love the thrill of the hunt. Pictures are posted, contact is made, and a sell is done.
Best way to look at furniture on Craigslist is using the Bye Bye List. You get to browse quickly by looking at a table of pictures. That's how I bought my fabulous French reproduction settee . . .
Which by the way is BEAUTIFUL - getting reupholstered in a beige silk velvet.

Since I am changing my decor I need to get rid of a few pieces of furniture myself. I have a beautiful couch and love seat listed . . .

And some GORGEOUS metal and glass tables . . .

I have gotten quite a few emails and phone calls on said pieces. Even had appointments for individuals to come and look at them. Set times - rearranged lives. All to help each other out.

My Mother taught me that if you tell someone - especially in doing business - that you will do something or meet them at a certain time you do so. If for some reason you have a change of plans you call and let them know so that they are not sitting around waiting for you to show.

Is it just me or do manners even exist anymore???????????

PS. Anyone interested?


Autumn said...

Wow, thanks for the bye bye list, that is so cool!
No one has manners any more. It sucks, but it's true.
I would buy those beautiful couches.. if I wasn't two states away! LOL ... my furniture is fugly.

Taddie Tales said...

Hey Ms Autumn - tell me about it. Pisses me off. I've had 3 no shows for viewings this week - and it's preschool graduation week filled with pic-nics and parties so I went out of my way to "squeeze" in the time requested by potential buyers. Oh well - I'll relist for next week and see what happens.