Jun 6, 2008

On the Hunt For Chairs

Well now that we know that the new (to me) couch for the Living Room is much different than what was originally there, we need to focus on finding chairs that reflect the new feel.
Donald Kirby
I say "feel" because I really want to move away from theme rooms. Those rooms that look like you just stepped in to a model home in suburbia. But alas, I do digress because I am wanting something along the lines of County French - but extreme laid back Country French. Lots of linen, worn silk, beige, tan, green, a little red.
I am on the Craiglist - thrift store look out for a pair of over sized bergeres to redo. No luck so far. I really do not want wing backs as they are too large - but if I somehow came across something like this that I could afford .... I certainly wouldn't rule it out.
Remember this is all an experiment to see what I can do with next to no money, time to hunt, and a little taste. Of course taste is subjective.

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