Jan 10, 2009

It's That Time ...

Well folks, it's time for me to take a
I just don't seem to have it in me right now to post semi intelligible things. I'm going to take a break. Take a little personal journey. We all have to do these things at one time or another in life.

I'm gonna check out one of these - no, maybe 2 or 3 of these and see where I end up. Hopefully inspired.

It has been a year since I've been out of work (not a bad thing) and things just aren't where I feel comfortable with them. So, I am going on a quest.

I'll be back. Bigger, better, and more informed. You can bet on that!


Autumn said...

Hey girl, I'll miss you in the blogosphere. Come back when you're ready. I hope all is well.. Hugs, Autumn

Lorelei said...

Aww man! It feels like you just got back!
Take the time you need. I look forward to a bigger Badder Lindy soon!

Country French Antiques said...

Well enjoy your break.
Hope it is productive for you and look forward to your return!!

Lorelei said...

ok, you can come back now. you've been away long enough.
it's time.
to come back.

Lorelei said...

ok enough is enough. you need to come back now.
I miss you and your blog.

BlogS of Hariyanto said...

nice share post :)