Oct 21, 2008

Road Trip Travels: Round Top & Brenham

So that table bought from Susan Wheeler of Pink Lemonade was not going to fit in the back of the Jeep so we had to trek up to Brenham to pick up a trailer. After spending an hour and a half chatting with the U-Haul gal about her cat we finally got hitched and drove to the town's center.
Warning to those with short wheel based vehicles - they are great for 4-wheeling on those tight switchback roads up the mountain side but they SUCK for trying to park a trailer!!!!!!!
45 minutes later (so much for trying to shop today) we hit up the best little soda shop ever - Must Be Heaven! The girls are sitting with the shops scarecrows. Not sure the small one even notices them - she's too busy eyeing the ice cream sundae (candle). Brenham was having their Scarecrow Festival so they were all over town, even hangin' out on the corners.
Back to the purpose at hand - shopping! This vendor had a double booth of nothing but handmade birdhouses and signage.
How amazing are these colors?
Long day of getting not much accomplished and the small one is running out of steam. Off to the square at Round Top for some Texas chow.
Town's volunteer Fire Department - had to take this one for the hubby.
Been around since 1904.
Lizzie Lou's wicked ride - right next to the famous ...
This is Bud the owner - he was taking roll call. If you aren't on time you don't eat. Be early is my suggestion - the atmosphere is worth it.
View above my head - couldn't have asked for better company. I had the Pork Loin with peaches and pepper. OMG!!!!!! Melt in your mouth.
Mom and I were trying to figure out the plan of exit if, God forbid, there was a fire. Good thing this place is right behind the Fire Department.
Eye glasses are at every table - we fought over them. Mom and I were enjoying the wine a little too much and the girls were tired so back to the spider shack for us for the night.


bud the pieman!!! said...

thanks for your kind words! please let me know when u r in next time and your pie will be on me! bless, bud the pieman!!!!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Oh look, Bud responded, how sweet. And the pie will be well worth it, I promise, it'll leave you wanting more. So why not just buy the whole pie and eat it. You're in Texas where the calories are free, ha ha!! Loved the pic of your mom. And, Royers is one of our fav places to eat as well!!!

Autumn said...

OMG those bird houses. I NEED THEM ALL! They would look fab with a different color on each fence post along the front of my house. You are a brave woman to pull a trailer! I would have gotten it jacknifed more than once trying to park!