Oct 19, 2008

Road Trip Travels: Marburger Farms

Alrighty folks, here we go!!!! This was definitely the Road Trip of a Lifetime. I must be frank though, I did not take a lot of pictures. I was busy corralling a 3 and 4 year old and enjoying myself too much.
This is the road in to Trails West Retreat where we stayed during our time in Round Top. It's about 6 miles outside of the center of town. The girls called this the Sleepy Hallow road .... scary at night, right down to the Spanish Moss hanging from the Live Oaks. Beautiful!
This is our cabin - Rebecca's Cabin. One bedroom with kitchen and futon - great for families. And they don't charge any extra for all the spiders and roaches. Never in my life have I seen daddy long legged spiders the size of a saucer. I AM NOT EXAGGERATING. I made my mom sleep with the lights on and jumped out of bed twice because the little suckers wanted to snuggle. Last night we were there I hit the wine bottle(s) so I could sleep.The playground on the hill was a big hit and distracter for the girls. First morning out - shopping carts ready and loaded.
We got out early with intentions of eating breakfast at the Marburger cafe that opens at 8:00 - what they fail to tell you is that only the vendors can get in at 8:00am. Everyone else gets to wait until 9:00. Well good thing we were early - because we got there a little after 8:00am and we were 4th in line. By the time the gate opened at 9:00 the highway was a parking lot!!!!
Gee, Mom, neither can we. When can we eat already?
The girls looking at the menu. Hurry up MOM!!!! All that stuff will be there after we eat. No! Put that candle stick down and don't even think about stopping to look at those bergeres.
Chandeliers and Sea Shells - what more could a girl want?
USS Texas battleship made by hand by a gentleman that served on her.
French Vanilla
Peg and John at French Vanilla are multi talented.
John told me that this piece was the top part of a fireplace mantle. So the shelve that the objects are sitting on would have been the top of the fireplace - about shoulder height. Columns were on either side of the firebox. The cream frame in the front and the gold one in the rear with the round top came home with me!
A sink full of ironstone and a wall full of beautiful brushes. What talent! And what hospitality! They were so wonderful to talk to. Peg and John brought their puppy, Hannah, with them and she was the center of attention with the girls.
This is Beau Reicherts booth - he does this with his mom. How cool is that? This - my friends - is an 18th century autopsy table. And, yes, I was very serious about a potential purchase. Place a nice slab of glass on it and call it a dining table (and a major conversation piece).
Gears on the bottom of the table. Up, down, slide it at an angle. What a FABULOUS piece. Beau previously had a booth at Uncommon Objects in Austin and was one of the top sellers. I can see why. This guy told me about every piece he had and took the time to talk at length with me. A genuine sweetheart - a nice catch ladies - too bad I'm already taken. Too bad I didn't take more pictures.
Beau has an actual coffin table with a human skeleton in it. He showed me a picture on his iPhone. He couldn't bring it to the show due to some law about human remains?!?!?!?!
This is Susan Wheeler of Pink Lemonade out of Olympia, WA. Her booth was AMAZING!!!! I wanted everything in it!!!!! She was so incredibly nice and engaging. She kept the kids busy with her measuring tape. They had to make measurements of all of the furniture in her booth.
She had everyone taste is covered. Modern. Traditional. Italian. Jewelry. Liturgical.
I almost bought this beauty - just didn't have a place to put it. It is the face of a locker made in to a table with rebar legs. The patina on this piece was so warm and screamed "touch me!".
I wanted this statue SO bad - I may email her and ask if it's still available. Santa Clause is coming to town soon.
This table caught my eye immediately - it's very industrial and the most beautiful matted silver. Can't you just see it loaded with magazines laid on the horizontal? This baby came home with me and is the reason I ended up with a U-Haul trailer. Hey - it gave me reason to find more awesome stuff. Just wait until the next post!

It's only Marburger folks - we still have Round Top and Warrenton.


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

You saw some amazing things there that I didn't get to see. Love it all too!!

Autumn said...

Wow, I would feel so overwhelmed there! So many amazing things. I can't wait to see what else came home with you.