Aug 9, 2008

A Twist on Children's Tales

Searching for Alice and Wonderland information I came upon these beauties created out of said story books.

Alice: Through the Looking Glass

Alice: A Mad Tea Party

When I dug a little further I found that Peter Pan was part of this imaginative collection as well. The Story of Peter Pan: The Pirate Ship

And one of my favorite stories from my pre adolescent imagination, too.

The Secret Garden

All of these were crafted by Su Blackwell, an incredibly talented gal from the UK. She has done some pretty fantastic print ads and TV spots as well as her installations. You must check out her website for larger photos and videos. Such talent.

Wild Flowers

Birds of the Open Forest


Grahamn Kracker said...

My daughters would have loved these, back when they were the age of your two...

Taddie Tales said...

Hi Grahamn...

Ah, the innocences of childhood. Makes your mind simplistic and focused - when the world was not so complex.

Thank you for visiting - I hope that you are healing well. I so love your stories - of life, love, and our feline companions.


Autumn said...

I absolutley love the bird one. My love of birds runs deep. How I wish that I had one ounce of Su Blackwell's talent and imagination.

Kathleen said...

Her work is incredible. I've never seen it before, glad I ran across your blog.

Rose Maria said...

Whats your favourite Harry Potter quote?
Children's Picture Storybook Series

philipkotler11 said...

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