Aug 13, 2008

The Story of Stuff

If you have not come across this in your wanderings on the internet or You Tube I would be amazed. If not, it is a must watch. Grab a cup 'o joe, tho.

In this world of hyper consumerism it is time to stop and really think about if you always need the latest and greatest - anything.

Reduce! Reuse! Recycle! Repurpose!
Guess that's why I love junkin' so much. It's already been made and resources have been used. Why put it in the dump??? Recycling has been 2nd nature to me since I can remember and has been ingrained in my children's minds. Don't get me wrong, we're not extremists but also not shy about bringing home recyclable materials (ie juice cans, pop cans, newspaper) that we purchase when out and about. Just because an establishment doesn't provide recycling doesn't mean it needs to go in to the trash. That, and planing errands for one day a week to reduce gas, before it was even fashionable to do so when gas prices went up to $4.00 a gallon.
In the words of Bill Cosby, "Come on people!"
EVERY single thing helps!

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Autumn said...

We must be on the same wave legnth today! I almost posted about recycling today. This morning Bug put a plastic yogurt container in the sink. My husband went to put it in the garbage and Bug said "NOOOO dad that goes in the recycle!"
I was so proud! He does listen to me!!!