Jul 23, 2008

Mountain Road Trip: Part 2

Once we hit Estes Park and filled our tummies with a little lunch we went wandering around at the local Rock Shop. Fun Fun Fun for mom! I love finding a good rock.
A bale of fused glass .... colors galore.

You have to get the rocks wet to see a whole different beauty in them.

Than on to one of the many parks along the St. Vrain river in Estes.Climbing around the many granite boulders - hey what's that tent over there? Whoa - time to get out the rain coats. 70 degrees and rain - we hit the jackpot! It was 101 degrees back down in the Denver area.Let's go waddle over to the tent.

Yea! It's a tent full of musicians - singing and dancing for all!!!!!

So, ya' think that water was cold? Let me tell you - it was worth every purple toe cold!

Singin' and dancin' at the rivers edge once the rain let up.

Sister, "Let's dig for worms!" Little sister, "No, let's dig for frogs!"

Ah, Summertime in the Rockies! We hit the jackpot by just livin' here.


Grahamn Kracker said...
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Grahamn Kracker said...

Besides photographing cats wherever I go, when my daughters still lived at home they insisted that I bring rocks back.

So I was always comiong home with rocks in my bags and pockets.

Looks like a fun time.

Grahamn Kracker said...

I must add - I can see how bright and inquisitive your daughters are. I was thrilled to learn that they use my photos as fodder for their own stories.