Jul 22, 2008

Mountain Road Trip

Mount Meeker

Summertime in the Rockies !!! We decided it was time to beat the heat and get out of town so we took a mini road trip to Estes Park. We traveled via Allenspark so that we could make a stop at St. Malo - a Catholic Retreat and Conference center.
The retreat is built around this little Chapel on the Rocks built in the early 1900's. Pope John Paul II visited and blessed this little chapel in 1993 when he came to Colorado for World Youth Day.
The surrounding fields were full of wildflowers and songbirds. And of course that beautiful blue Colorado sky above.
Just dying to jump in the stream below that has that freezing cold snow melt runoff. That or chase the ducklings that were looking for lunch.
Beautiful! So glad I live in Colorado.

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Grahamn Kracker said...

Nice drive - I enjoyed the Colorado Rocky Mountain High Tour.

Here, lately, all it does is rain, day after day after day.