Jun 23, 2008

To Sleep Under The Stars

I miss sleeping under the stars in the summertime.

When I was a little girl my cousin and I would sleep outside in the tree house that my uncle built for her. We would drag every pillow and blanket that my aunt would let us get our mitts on. We would listen to the crickets and foxes as they did their thing. Back then the stars were so incredibly bright and seemed to twinkle all night.

Well I have no trees in my yard that would hold a tree house so I'll need to come up with some alternatives. Something to hold myself and hubby with the occasional small fry.

walla2chicks Flickr
Wouldn't it be awesome to have one of these swings on your porch? I'd have to put a TON of pillows on this baby. LOVE the bolsters.
Curl up with a good book and a nice cold glass of wine on this beauty. Would definitely need to add a nice cuddly throw.
This lovely one is a cross between a hammock and a swing made out of canvas. As pretty as it is I'm not sure the back of it will stand up to a 3 and 4 year old. I can see the back flips and somersaults over it now.

Cottage Living
Bedtime stories for all could be told on this colorful little thing. The bebes would have a blast on it. Not sure much sleeping would happen on this without rolling off one side or another.
Found this little ditty on the Lowes website. Hmmmm, this may be possible yet. A little tweak here. A little twist there. We'll see........


Lorelei said...

wow! These are amazing! Thanks for sharing! Now I want a porch swing! :)


Autumn said...

Those are lovley.. but I need a porch to put them on!! Oh how I wish my house had a porch...sigh. We used to sleep outside during the summer a lot as a kid, it was so much fun.

Taddie Tales said...

Hi girls - funny story here. I bought an outdoor cussion from Restoration Hardware last Fall when everything was 40% off.... it sits in my garage with no swing/daybed to its name. Now if I can just get that fire under my dear hubby a little hotter.

LOL !!!!