Apr 9, 2008

Did you know?

Got the itch to go see and smell some green seeing as it's snowed here every day for the past week. So we went to the uppity garden center. This is were I get my ideas from but rarely buy from . BRING ON SPRING!!!!!

This little ditty looks a little misplaced from the Alice and Wonderland story. Gonna have to try something like this on the front porch this year.

The youngest one thought that it was going to tip over at any minute - so of course she had to pick all the plants out to save them. Bad baby girl!

The girls wanted flowers SOOOOO BAAAAD (major whining here) and wanted them now! Well I was not about to pay the prices that this specific center charged - 7.95 for a 4" pot of perennials. NO WAY! So I bought seeds and fiber filled biodegradable pots. No peat was used in the production of these pots.

Did you know?
1. It takes about 220 years to replace the peat stripped from land in one year.
2. Harvesting peat releases carbon dioxide - a known greenhouse gas.
3. Peat Bogs have the amazing ability to remove harmful impurities from water.
4. Peat Bogs hold 10% of the worlds fresh water.
5. Areas of Europe have mandated not to use peat by 2010

Guess we'll just have to wait about 4 weeks to see how the seed these 2 little sprouts planted survive. They will be smothered with LOVE....


Autumn said...

How did I not know about peat??? Very interesting.
I need to know how they got those pots like that!
Good luck with the starts, our stuff has started growing in our greenhouse. Bug loves to go water it and see the progress.

Taddie Tales said...

I know ?!?!?! Learn something new everyday in blog land. On the pots - there is a thick piece of rebar running through the whole at the bottom of all the pots.You fill the first one up with soil than thread the second pot on, fill with soil, etc ... I'm going to give it a go (when it quits fricken snowing) and will post pics.....

Lorelei said...

OMG, can't even pay attention to the Peat topic, your kids are so stinkin cute!

tami said...

If you go to the gardenweb.com and click on garden junk it will show you how to make the topesy flower pots. Tami