Mar 24, 2008

Never Intended To Be ...

I so want this for my entry way by the front door. What a statement piece. The colors in this buffett are amazing - so warm and lovely. It screams "Touch Me"!!!

Daniel Pohl never intended to be a furniture artist. He'd studied drawing and painting at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and collected folk and outsider art for nearly 30 years. He began making furniture ten years ago to display his collection, and became intrigued by the way the furniture could become almost sculptural and canvas-like.

Pohl works from his home studio in central Wisconsin, using traditional cabinetry techniques, mortise and tenon joints, and dove-tailed drawers. Most of the pine and poplar he uses comes from the woods outside his back door.

The painting of the piece is where Pohl's experience as an oil painter takes center stage. He applies layers of traditional paints, made of powdered pigments, corn syrup, and vinegar, over a primed and detailed base layer, increasing the complexity of the designs until a kaleidoscope of colors emerges to greet the waiting eye

Pohl likes to think of his finished pieces as "functional art" rather than "furniture," as his work doesn't seem to sit in a room so much as breathe and, he hopes, inspire.

All photos and verbage from The Artful Home

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Autumn said...

Wow! What a beautiful piece of artwork. I wonder how much time it takes him to make a piece. The detail is amazing.