Mar 25, 2008

Promises Made In Haste

Ah, the sweetness of Spring! Daffodils blooming, lilacs budding, bird songs increasing, and the promise of fresh strawberries.

Had to go in to the local big box home improvement store last week to purchase caulk so that I could once again fill the ever expanding spaces of the crown molding in the oldest daughters bedroom. Front and center of the entrance were the bulb displays, 1/2 of them filled with strawberry pips.


My youngest -LOVES- strawberries. Cries for them. Has fits for them. Wants them in cereal every day. Will gladly get a tummy ache from eating too many of them. Warning Mommy moment coming ..........Said she will poop in the potty for them. Light bulb moment!!!!!

No big deal right? Yeah, well the small challenge of living in zone 5 could pose a problem. Nothing that tender is going in the ground right now unless you want to kiss it goodbye. March is our largest snowfall month.
Answer! We'll get a strawberry jar, plant it and set it inside in the loft which faces West. Put it outside when the threat of freeze has past. Strawberries by May! Maybe by then the 3 year old will be out of pull-ups.

You would think that if the big box home improvement stores are putting out strawberry pips that they would also have the pots to plant them in, right? So very wrong you are. Went everywhere looking for them - Lowe's, Home Depot, etc. Even those places that we never go because I don't believe in their business practises - ie K-Mart, Wal-Mart, etc. NO FRICKEN STRAWBERRY JARS TO BE FOUND.

$127.00 - soil, plants, jar

So off to the high end garden shop we go. A place I LOVE but is expensive. Yep, they have strawberry jars. Nice ones at that. Cheapest one there is a terracotta one for 69.00. For another 20.00 I can get a glazed one. What the heck - what's 20.00 when your looking at 70.00 already? . . . . . . See above for purchase.

$9.95 a bag

On the way out the door, after I already paid, I see a display for Strawberries In A Bag .... 10 plants, bag, and soil ...$9.95

Them better be some damn good strawberries !!!

Follow up forthcoming.....

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Autumn said...

If the little one poops in the potty it will be worth every penny!
Are we on some weird wave length? I swear last night I said " I need to buy some strawberry plants" LOL