Jan 15, 2008

January Bloom Day

Around here in Zone 5a the only thing in bloom on January 15th is the lonely Christmas cactus. My mother gave me this plant about 5 years ago when it was only 3 little "arms'. It was destined for the trash because it was given to her as an obligatory Christmas gift from a coworker and she really didn't know what to do with it. Trust me it would never has survived in her dimly lit town house. But here at my house it is the only indoor plant life that has ever lived past 2 years. It gets completely ignored but yet every November, like clock work, it starts to put out a TON of buds and continues to bloom until the end of January. The pretty, large, fairy like blooms are almost gone now - so sad!

Go figure. Guess it must have gotten dropped in the right location. Let's hope that now that I'm home all the time and can give it more attention I don't kill it.

And on a more technical note . . .

MAJOR KUDOS to All Things Bright and Beautiful with the tutorials for us New Bloggers. She has so generously offered to assist us getting set up with all the bells, whistles and short cuts that come along with getting up and running in fabulous Blog Land.

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All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Dear taddie - thank you SOOOO much for the mention! I so appreciate it !! Theres more coming this weekend :-)

PS I found you'd posted on me on www.technorati.com