Jan 12, 2008


Ok - wow! I'm finally going to do this. After being a lurker at other blogs for so long I'm actually going public with my musings on life. I have to say I've been on the Daily Blog cruise of some of the best blogs out there and have NO aspirations to be in the upper eschelons of some (most) of the ones I peruse for my addiction. Some of you guys out there blow me away with the talent that you posess and I hope to grow with what I have learned and give back maybe just a little.

Who knew this would be so flipping addicting?????

Feel free to guide, banter, educate, and sway me how you see fit. Just please don't correct, berate, or demean me as it is not productive or positive in any shape or form. I am on a midlife journey to redesign the road I am taveling and do not need or require any toxic assistance. Trust me - been there, seen that, battled with the best and at this age it's just not f***ing worth it.

Check out the links on the blog and you'll see what I'm all about and my life's passions. No promises on daily postings as the 3 and 4 year old surely have other plans for me ......

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