Nov 9, 2008

Craigslist Score !!!

So I was doin' my frequent Craigslist crawl to see the junk people are trying to sell these days. Look what I found ... keep in mind the lighting on these pictures pretty much stinks.It's a bakers prep table - galvanized stainless and maple wood top - listed for $100.00!

Hey, I could use this in the garage for a work table/potting table. Emailed the guy for the dimensions to see if it would fit in the nook that I was thinking of putting it in. When he emailed me back he asked what I was wanting to use it for. He had another table he was going to put up for sale and wanted to know if I would prefer it.
It was this beauty for $125.00. Again, galvanized stainless and maple! Check this out - flour bins!!!! Soon to be used for potting soil of course.
Prefer it ??? - forget that - I want them both!
These pieces are now sitting in my garage waiting for me to clean out the area that will be their new home. A good scrub, sanding the top and putting a few coats of linseed oil and they will be like new.
$225.00 for both tables ..... IKEA couldn't even beat that!


trash talk said...

I'll say score! Those are fantastic and what a steal. I never look at Craig's list. Guess I better start. Deb

Lorelei said...


Grahamn Kracker said...

You can get anything on Craigslist. Maybe if our governor had put that famous jet on Craigslist instead of ebay, she would have been able to sell it there.

Looks like good stuff you got.

compulsively compiled said...

That really is a score!!