Oct 27, 2008

Road Trip Travels: Mustang Island & Fulton

It's been SO LONG since I've been to the beach, and my babies have never experienced the ocean. I could NOT wait to share this wonderful part of Mother Nature with them. We arrived at the hotel on Mustang Island at 1:30am the day after we left Warrenton so no one got to see the ocean that night. We knew she'd be there the next morning though.
Those of you that live next to the ocean don't get how lucky you are. There is no power in the world like the ocean - it is Mother Nature at her finest. Something you can be around and have absolutely no control over and love every minute of it.
When I woke up the next am and heard the sound of the waves I could not get downstairs fast enough to put my toes in the sand and taste the salt in my mouth. I had to force myself and my babies to actually put some clothes on and not go frolic in the sand in our PJ's. God - I love the ocean!
The next day we drove up to Fulton to see the Fulton House - fabulous!
This is the front yard of the Fulton House - standing since the 19th century - can you imagine? It has survived many hurricanes.
Wonderful balustrades on the stairs in the front hall. Makes me rethink my own staircase issues.
The Library or Men's Study - fabulous furniture.
Beautiful plaster work in the dining room.
Onion Skin toilet paper in the bathroom - bet that wasn't Charmin Soft.
Master Bedroom - a gorgeous bed that makes you want to sink in.

Guest bedroom - LOVE the linen sheets and bed cover - lot's of inspiration here.


Autumn said...

Oh how I love the ocean too! Unfortunately when we go to the beach here we have to bundle up tight! I absolutely love the pictures of the girls on the beach.

Grahamn Kracker said...

Not only did you get to take them to the ocean, it looks like it was a warm ocean, with palm trees growing on the beach.

I want to go to that Texas ocean.

Standtall said...

Your girls look lovely and the house is fabulous!