Sep 18, 2008

Vacation - All I Ever Wanted

Vacation - Had to get away!

If you hadn't noticed I have not been posting lately. The brain and body are on the fritz. I have exactly 7 - count 'em 7 - days to get my shit together for this 3 week road trip and I'm not even close to being there.

Crazy Harry !!!

I know that y'all will want photos of Round Top and all of the goodies and awesome people we will meet. Of course Padre Island as well. And I'll throw a few photos of the corn fields and pump jacks between here and there in. But first I need to take care of gettin' us there so I'm fixen to go bonkers. And when did planning for Halloween for the kids become something that you had to do in September???? Sheeeze.

I called the hotel that we are staying at on Mustang Island and they were not phased at all by Ike. Let's pray that there won't be any more hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico this season. I can't even imagine the loss that many people are feeling right now. I admit I am feeling very guilty for getting ready to go on vacation to the untouched beaches of Texas when just a couple of hundred miles up the coast there is so much devastation.
Feeling Extremely guilty - how do you tell a 3 and 4 year old (that have talked nonstop about the beach for the past 6 months) that we can no longer go because others are suffering? I hope that in some way us not cancelling our plans and putting a little money into the Texas economy we will help - albeit so small.
Ok - 'nuff said. Comments? Suggestions? Going to go write a check to the Red Cross - even tho it won't even begin to help. What was that about the economy????


Autumn said...

If we all stopped our lives due to the suffering of others we would never ever do anything fun again.
Seriously, I know what your saying. I feel guilty about my own good fortune in life a lot. But our kids deserve to have some fun. It isn't as though you going on vacation is causing the suffering.. if that were the case then you would have a point! Now.. go guilt free on vacation and HAVE FUN!

Lorelei said...

Hi Sweet Pea!
You won my giveaway! Come look-

Send along your address.
I can wait to send your prize til you come back from Vacay.

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

You are going to have a blast not only Warrenton but Mustang Island as well. I don't know anyone shipping back to CO, but I know they shippers at Warrenton, I think they are at Blue Hills. One of the other shows near me. I'll try and find out more before you get there or that UHaul might come in handy. I'm hearing there are a lot of dealers already setting up and I'll know more tomorrow. Safe trip, T

Lindy said...

Have a wonderful time and get a sea shell for me! Other Lindy