Aug 20, 2008

Last Hurrah at the Gardens

Yesterday was our last Seedlings class at the Denver Botanical Gardens for the Summer.

We learned all about giant grasses and got to walk through many areas in the gardens that were full of these beauties.

I did not know that bamboo and corn are members of the grass family.

After exploring all the wonderful grasses that the gardens had to offer we went back in to the classroom and planted our own pots with 3 types of grass. Prairie grass, wheat, and corn.

After class the girls wanted to do a little water coloring of the grasses that they learned about. This Summer they have been obsessed with painting.

Of course we had to have our weekly slurpee drinks. I think more time was spent seeing who could make the loudest slurp than painting.

Isn't this display of Mexican Feather Grass incredible? Makes me want to go home and rip out the darn lawn that just eats up water and takes energy to mow. Wonder if the HOA would go for that.....

I'm pretty sure that I got a lot more out of this class than the girls did. But the important part was that we spent the day together and got to be outside. Before we know it the snow will return and we will be doing inside things.


Autumn said...

Oh what fun! I wish we had something like that close by. I'm sure they got more out of it than you realize. Sometimes months after an activity that I thought he didn't really enjoy, Bug talks about it like it was the best thing ever. LOL!

Grahamn Kracker said...

Makes me wish that I could have my daughters young again - sons, too. I would spend more time with them, less time working.

Well, I do have a new grandson now... the first one