Feb 15, 2008

February Bloom Day

Mother Nature blessed us with snow for Valentines Day - so forget about anything bloomin' in the garden. Lot's of lovelies in the house tho ...

Finally making a show 2 months late - wanted these for the table at Christmas time. Not sure what I did wrong that made these beauties wait so long to bloom this year.

Left over pails of Gerberas - used for the center pieces at the surprise party - have their pretty faces turned toward the sun.

These beauties are one of my favorite flowers. For some reason I can never keep them alive - inside or out. Too wet, too dry, too fried .... ugh!

I am SO excited! The Colorado Garden & Home Show starts this weekend. It's my favorite escape from the Winter blues. This year the main garden is supposed to be a forest with animals, mystical creatures, trolls, fairies and a giant tree that comes to life. Come on folks - I have 2 baby girls so of course this is going to be a huge hit for a family outing.

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