Jan 26, 2008

On a more colorful note .....

"Burst" by Jen Stark

Anyone that has a love of paper, texture, and color really needs to check this artists work out. This chick knows how to tweak a 12x12 piece of card stock. I was surfing and rolled on to her website - Jen Stark - and was blown away by her paper sculptures.
Now shame on me for even thinking the word scrapbook with in the same thought of her work but I couldn't help myself thinking that it would be really cool to figure out a way to incorporate something on a small (minuscule) scale into the kids pages of my latest and greatest creation.

" Piece of an Infinite Whole"

But alas, I am so far from this girls creative genius it will never be. I just love to look at her work and salivate at the color and movement in each and every piece.


Not only is she fabu with the card stock and an exacto knife but the girl can draw!!!!

"Microscopic Tangle"

Free handed felt tip pen on paper no less. Some really incredible graphics. I can just imagine a south facing loft style apartment that has been painted white with a collection of her sculpture and drawings hanging on the walls. What a dream come true that would be!

All images from http://www.jenstark.com/.